Easter’s Foolishness

Maundy Thursday doesn’t often fall on April Fools’ Day – about 4 times a century (although there’s usually a few […]

Who is God in the midst of a pandemic?

There’s lots been said about where God is in the pandemic, but here we explore what we might about the nature of God from reflecting on suffering and the pandemic.

What can I study in September 2020?

“Okay, so I’m interested in studying theology, but what topics could I be studying in September?” We think we’ve got […]

Online Guide to Studying at SBC

This year looks quite different to most other years and we’re all having to adapt. Over the course of the […]

Scottish Baptist College – stepping forward.

We’re open for new students, we’re excited for the new term, and we’re taking some bold steps forward.

Imagination Under Quarantine

Someone observed that in these extraordinary lockdown circumstances, the days tend to drag on, but the weeks fly by. That’s […]

SBC2020 – Coming Soon

When I studied Marketing we discussed a couple of related concepts – resilience and robustness. Both terms related to how […]

‘When is Communion not Communion?’

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Across Scotland, churches have been responding to the challenges and opportunities that social isolation […]

Welcome Paulus!

We’re delighted to announce a new member to our SBC teaching team. Paulus de Jong will be joining us in […]

Holy Moments for Holy Week

It’s been an odd sort of Holy Week as the UK has travelled through its third week of lockdown. For […]