Celebrating the season!

As we head into December most people will start to turn their thoughts towards Christmas (though some have already been […]

Ross Deuchar – Spirituality in Unusual Places: Journeys in Gang Masculinity

On Wednesday 7th November we had the privilege of hearing from Professor Ross Deuchar, a leading expert on Spirituality and […]

SBC Seminar audio from Teun van der Leer on Spirituality in the Dutch Context

On Wednesday 24th we had the privilege of hosting Teun van der Leer at the Scottish Baptist College for a […]

Video of the Whitley Lecture 2018 – Helen Paynter

Back in April 2018 we had the privilege of inviting Dr. Helen Paynter to Scotland as we hosted the Whitley […]

Welcome to the new SBC website

Over the past few months, we’ve been working away to bring you this new website and it’s exciting to finally […]

Nehemiah and texts with shadow sides

A couple of months ago I was asked to speak on Nehemiah and so I dutifully went about thinking how […]

Graduation 2018: A Student Perspective

Summer graduation is always a high point of the College year. We caught up with one of our graduates, Stephen Collins, to get his perspective on graduating. 

Church or no Church? The Sunday Assembly

Today (July 17th), tucked away on BBC News website was a report on the Sunday Assembly meeting in Edinburgh.

Flipped Churches

Yesterday I  attended the annual UWS Learning, Teaching, and Research Conference. In this blog, what follows is my own “thinking aloud” to think through two different, though I think related, ideas I heard during the day to ask ‘might that work for a church?’

A challenge to go deeper!

Ally Heath is one of SBC’s students that is leaving over the summer months to start a new chapter of life and ministry. “Studying at SBC has helped me to think both broader and deeper . . .”