Chris Townsend – Graduation 2021

Graduations normally take place in early July but with a slight delay due to on-going restrictions, summer graduations are taking […]

SBC as told by the students…

At the end of term we sent out a request for students to complete this sentence: “SBC has helped me…”. […]

Be Inspired!

To inspire:
– To spur on
– To enliven
– To be guided by the divine
– To breathe or inhale
One of our hopes for anyone studying with us at SBC is that they leave inspired.

Money Matters

Studying theology at university takes commitment. It takes time and energy to seriously study any subject and theology is no […]

Scottish Baptist College – On-campus and Online

At the beginning of June 2021, the College was formally granted validation to deliver all our courses and modules online.

Why join our learning community?

Every year when we talk to potential students we find one of the most important questions we get asked is […]

Coming soon! Modules in Sept 2021

As we approach a new academic year beginning in September 2021, we highlight some of our entry level modules that can be taken through individual modular study or as part of a full-time or part-time degree course.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Over the past 2 years the Scottish Baptist College has been on a journey of discernment about how best to […]

Easter’s Foolishness

Maundy Thursday doesn’t often fall on April Fools’ Day – about 4 times a century (although there’s usually a few […]

Who is God in the midst of a pandemic?

There’s lots been said about where God is in the pandemic, but here we explore what we might about the nature of God from reflecting on suffering and the pandemic.