Tuition Fees

Annual Fees 20/21 (subject to inflationary increase)

Study TypePrice

Full-time undergraduate:
£6150 per year

Part-time undergraduate:

Pro-rata of full-time rate

Modular Students:*
£500 for first module
Thereafter £1000 per module
Audit Student:
(Non-registered student
but full access to resources
and no assessment)
£500 for first module

For the Love of Learning:
(Non-registered student
full class experience
but limited access to resources
and no assessment)
£240 per module

*Please note that modular students cannot graduate from a course of study. If you are planning to gain a qualification (certificate, diploma, degree, or honours degree) you will be classed as a part-time student rather than a modular student. Part-time fees will be calculated depending on the number of modules taken per year.

Funding Options

As a ‘private College’ (i.e. not a state funded University), students do not get full SAAS (government) funding. Presently full-time students get £1765 per year towards fees (part-time students may get a part-time fee grant on application to SAAS). 

There are a number of other options for funding. 

1. If you already have a degree and studying at SBC is a second degree for ministry, then SAAS may cover your fees (or part of them). Their wording is as follows:

“If you are looking to do a second degree in divinity, which leads to a qualification (for example, BA divinity or BA theology), we may be able to pay your tuition fees if you meet the following conditions.
a recognised church or religious body (for example, Christianity, Islam, Judaism) accept you as a ‘bona fide candidate’ for the ministry and
you do not receive more than seven years’ full funding in total at higher education level for both your previous and current course.”
See here for more information and get in contact if you think this might be a option for you. 

2. SAAS via the Student Loans Company (SLC) also allows you to take out a loan for living expenses . You can get around £5000-6000 and some students choose to use this to go towards fees (although as a loan, this is repayable depending on future earnings – see here for info). 

3. The College has a limited Bursary fund, and in specific instances, can support students who have exhausted all other funding options. 

4. SAAS provides some information on other sources of funding and trust funds – we suggest you look through these for any that might apply. 

5. You may already have thought about this – we recommend considering approaching your church or church members to ask for support. Studying theology is often a calling and a lifelong mission – don’t be surprised if people want to invest in your calling!

Registration Fees

The registration fees below take account of this categorisation. Registration fees are charged by the University of the West of Scotland and passed on directly from the Scottish Baptist College to UWS.

YearFull Time FeePart Time Fee
1st Year£300£250
2nd/3rd Year£150£150
4th Year Inc Graduation£200£100

Other Costs

Students who undertake the Work-based Learning modules are required to join the Disclosure Scotland PVG scheme (i.e. full-time and part-time students on the BD course at levels 7,8, and 9 and any modular students). This can result in a one-off cost of £59 or £19 depending on whether a student only requires an upgrade to an existing membership or if they need to join the scheme. Further details will be given upon progressing to this module.