Tuition Fees

Annual Fees 19/20 (subject to inflationary increase)

Study Type Price
Full-time undergraduate: £6000 per year
Modular Students: £1000 per module
“Taster” module
(first time modular student)
£500 per module
Audit rate
(modules taken not for credit)
£350 per module

Please note that modular students cannot graduate from a course of study. If you are planning to gain a qualification (any of certificate, diploma, degree, or honours degree but cannot study full-time hours you will be classed as a part-time student rather than a modular student. Part-time fees will be calculated depending on the number of modules taken per year.)

Registration Fees

The registration fees below take account of this categorisation. Registration fees are charged by the University of the West of Scotland and passed on directly from the Scottish Baptist College to UWS.

Year Full Time Fee Part Time Fee
1st Year £300 £250
2nd/3rd Year £150 £150
4th Year Inc Graduation £200 £100