Our timetables are arranged on a number of student-informed principles:

  1. We run a similar academic year to the University of the West of Scotland – 2 terms of 15 weeks – this means students are registering and enrolling at the same time as other students. 
  2. There are 12 classes per module spread over 13 or 14 weeks allowing for a reading weeks in Term 1 and 2 reading weeks in Term 2 (including Easter). The other weeks are orientation or assessment weeks. 
  3. Our classes tend to be concentrated around the middle of the week (Tue – Thu) recognising that many in part-time work and / or ministry require weekends to undertake these responsibilities. 
  4. Our classes begin at 10am on-campus to help with those who are commuting / drop children off at school.
  5. Our evening classes begin at 7:30pm to help those with family or work commitments (though we realise no time is perfect!)
  6. Our reading weeks try to align with school holidays – the October week in Term 1 and Easter in Term 2. 

Autumn semester

Week beginning Monday 5th September 2022: Induction Day for new students (day / times tbc)

Tuesday 13th September 2022: First teaching day of Autumn term

Week of 17-21st October 2022: Consolidation/reading week

Thursday 8th December 2022: Last teaching day of Autumn term

Below are the first-term timetables for first year classes (for upper level classes please email ellie.bell@uws.ac.uk

Spring Semester

Tuesday 31st January 2023: First teaching day of term

Week of 27th Feb to 3rd March 2023: Consolidation/Reading Week 1

Week of 3rd to 7th April 2023: Easter Consolidation/Reading Week 2

Thursday 4th May 2023: Last teaching day