Introduction to the Programme

Are you looking to do a gap year? Finished school and not sure what’s next? Wanting to feel more equipped before you take the next step? Look no further!

SBC can provide a one-year course of study covering some of the basics of theology and ministry. It’s an ideal way to spend a gap year where you’ll learn and grow in all aspects of your calling. If you study full-time, the one-year certificate level will also qualify for SAAS funding (if you’ve not previously had SAAS funding).

Don’t take a year on a training course where you end up with no qualification, come to SBC and leave with a University-accredited qualification!

What’s even better, is that the one-year programme tracks the full Bachelors programme meaning that if you complete the year successfully you can continue on to further studies (Diploma, Degree, or even up to an Honours Degree) or exit with a Certificate in Divinity.

If you would like to apply then please find out more about studying at the College and apply online here.

Alternatively email the College on

Why SBC? Why a Certificate course?

We were asked to study theology for one year to join our mission organisation (OMF International) as full members, that’s the reason we chose one year. We chose SBC because of practical reasons such as the lectures being held during the school day. We were also impressed by the website and the College’s philosophy and mission statement. It’s also a small and friendly College so it didn’t take long to settle in.

Academically I particularly enjoyed the modules Encountering the Bible and Listening to Scripture. In practical terms I also found Ethics and Pastoral Care very helpful. Personally it was great to study with other followers of Christ all seeking to know him better and serve him more.

Challenges / Highlights…

The workload is hard to juggle with part-time work and raising a family. It definitely helps that it comes in spurts and bursts dependent on semester breaks and assignment due dates, so if you’re working flat out hopefully it’s only for a few weeks at a time until the next lull!

Highlights are being part of the College community, learning from each other as well as receiving excellent teaching from the staff. Also opening God’s word in depth and looking at hermeneutics in the Listening to Scripture module was a real highlight for me.

Ali and Cathy Hunt

One-year course

Classes taught in the 2022-2023 academic year will be: 

  • Encountering the New Testament
  • Living Justly in God’s World
  • Creative Mission in a Changing Culture
  • Work-based Learning and Study Skills
  • Communicating the Message: Practice of Preaching 
  • Baptist Perspectives on Being a Church

You can apply online here or for more information you can get in contact with

The one-year Certificate is the same as the first year of a Bachelors degree with an exit point after 6 modules therefore the fee structure matches that of the BD programme. In 2022-2023 our full time fees per annum are £3600 but with SAAS funding they are reduced to an outstanding balance of £1835. Most students will be eligible for SAAS student loan funding too although these may be repayable at a later date.  

Similarly entry requirements for the Certificate course will be the same as the full BD programme – see the full BD specification for more details