Conference Report: International Association for Children’s Spirituality

Steve Younger reports on his experience of the IACS conference 2022: “This year’s ‘International Association for Children’s Spirituality’ research symposium […]

Can I study at SBC?

We often have conversations along the following lines… “I’m not a Baptist, can I study at a Baptist College?”The answer […]

Education as Formation

Committing to a course of study at degree level is no small commitment. Whether it’s a single module or the […]

What do we mean by ministry?

We often talk about our role in ministry training and our desire to train people for ministry and mission…and then […]

A short reflection on Ash Wednesday and the Global Day of Prayer

In a world of turmoil and tragedy, we pray for God’s transcendent peace and faithful presence to transform our world into His dwelling place for the sake of all creation.

Creative Mission in a Changing Culture – Some reflections

Over the course of this past term, I’ve been the Creative Missions class and two things in particular have struck […]

SBC as told by the students…

At the end of term we sent out a request for students to complete this sentence: “SBC has helped me…”. […]

Be Inspired!

To inspire:
– To spur on
– To enliven
– To be guided by the divine
– To breathe or inhale
One of our hopes for anyone studying with us at SBC is that they leave inspired.

Easter’s Foolishness

Maundy Thursday doesn’t often fall on April Fools’ Day – about 4 times a century (although there’s usually a few […]

Who is God in the midst of a pandemic?

There’s lots been said about where God is in the pandemic, but here we explore what we might about the nature of God from reflecting on suffering and the pandemic.