Burns’ Night – Holy Willie’s Prayer

When the aim of the Church is to rule over, rather than serve alongside others, we have to wonder what witness we bear….

Newness: New Year, new you?

Too often the “cult” of newness forgets the importance of history…

Christmas Light

Christmas comes at the very nadir of daylight and right before we begin the ascent into the lighter, brighter, life-bringing, springtime. And surely, right there, is a message of Christmas…


It reminds us of the continual need to fight oppression; it reminds us to be thankful for life even amongst hardships; it reminds us of the power in being hospitable to the other. And probably more besides.

Reformation 500 – do we really need a new Reformation?

A new blog for Reformation Day asking ‘do we really need a new Reformation?’ Graham Meiklejohn writes an opinion piece suggesting that the church needs to revisit some of the roots of the Reformation to understand its witness in the world.

Pirates and Politics

In recent months there has been a lot of political ‘chatter’ and rightly so given the gravity of decisions being made. Should we be theological ‘pirates’?

Pancake Day!

The Church has always had an interesting relationship with the idea of Carnival both embracing it and disassociating with it at different times for different reason. However, in and amongst all the joviality, there is a serious message.

Academic Book Week 2017

This week (Jan 23-28th) is Academic Book Week. The aim of the week is to celebrate the diversity, innovation and influence of academic books. At SBC we thought we’d give you a small insight into some of the theology books that have shaped our thinking in one way or another.

New Year, New Beginnings

September is always a fantastically exciting time of year for SBC. Amidst all the frantic preparations for beginning the new term, we are reminded that we exist because of the students of SBC – they bring a sense of life to the College.

Disturbers of the Peace

Ultimately the Christian life should not be one that settles for the status quo but one that is a disturbing presence: a disturbing presence to systems of injustice; a disturbing presence to relationships of inequality; a disturbing presence to regimes of oppression.