Church or no Church? The Sunday Assembly

Today (July 17th), tucked away on BBC News website was a report on the Sunday Assembly meeting in Edinburgh.

Flipped Churches

Yesterday I  attended the annual UWS Learning, Teaching, and Research Conference. In this blog, what follows is my own “thinking aloud” to think through two different, though I think related, ideas I heard during the day to ask ‘might that work for a church?’

2018 – a year to remember?

If I had to choose one period of time to go back and visit, I think the 1960s would be high on my list. It’s not for the party of the swinging sixties, nor for the rise of the Beatles, and it’s also not for a nostalgic “life was better then”.

The Trinity – so what?

Simultaneously one of the best and worst questions that students in class ask is “but why?” Sometimes it can feel like you’re dealing with a troublesome tot “Why? Why? Why?” but it is a question that keeps returning me to think practically.

Rams and Eagles: Super Bowl LII and Martin Luther King Jr.

People sometimes ask me, why does studying theology help me to live as a Christian? Why does research on an obscure French philosopher help me to deal with real issues? I think this year’s Super Bowl helped me to articulate an answer…

Burns’ Night – Holy Willie’s Prayer

When the aim of the Church is to rule over, rather than serve alongside others, we have to wonder what witness we bear….

Newness: New Year, new you?

Too often the “cult” of newness forgets the importance of history…

Christmas Light

Christmas comes at the very nadir of daylight and right before we begin the ascent into the lighter, brighter, life-bringing, springtime. And surely, right there, is a message of Christmas…


It reminds us of the continual need to fight oppression; it reminds us to be thankful for life even amongst hardships; it reminds us of the power in being hospitable to the other. And probably more besides.

Reformation 500 – do we really need a new Reformation?

A new blog for Reformation Day asking ‘do we really need a new Reformation?’ Graham Meiklejohn writes an opinion piece suggesting that the church needs to revisit some of the roots of the Reformation to understand its witness in the world.