We often talk about our role in ministry training and our desire to train people for ministry and mission…and then clarify that we mean ministry and mission broadly speaking, but what do we actually mean by that?

At the Scottish Baptist College we have a vision to “equip people to participate in God’s Kingdom through the church and in the wider world.” While we absolutely want to be training ministers and youth workers for churches, we also have a broader vision that sees our graduates working in many different places in many different roles. Already we have many graduates that go on to work in hospitals, schools, and prisons as chaplains; we’ve had several graduates go onto PGCE studies to become primary and secondary school teachers; yet others work in social enterprises and the charitable sector. We think it’s an important part of realizing our vision to see our graduates in churches but also outside of the church, shaping the world that they live in.

And so when we say ministry and mission broadly speaking, that’s what we are referring to. We think there are plenty of Christians who have a desire to serve God in a variety of contexts but don’t necessarily see that as being employed in the local church. We want to think about our graduates as beacons of hope ‘equipped to participate in God’s Kingdom’ and dotted all over the country, not just in churches, but in many different workplaces and spaces ‘in the wider world.’ We think this is an exciting vision and we hope you’ll share that vision too.

To get there we’ve developed part-time and full-time study, online and on-campus, and you can take individual modules if there’s one or two particular areas you want to learn about. We run classes in the evenings for those wanting to fit classes around current work or daytime classes for those who see this as a commitment to train for a future vocation. So there’s multiple ways of bringing this vision to fruition whether its to minister in your current workplace or to train for a future ministry.

What can you do? Maybe you’re reading this and thinking, “yes, that’s me!” We hope you’ll get in contact to discuss what studying might look like for you. Maybe you’re reading this and thinking “I’d love my church to get on board!” We hope you’ll share this vision with them or contact us to help with that. We hope you’ll help us to fulfil our vision of beacons of hope dotted all across the country offering the light of the Good News in many different spaces and places.

Contact Graham at SBC to discuss study options (graham.meiklejohn@uws.ac.uk)