Recently we were challenged to think about the type of College that we are and what we aim to be. In many ways our vision statement articulates what we already are rather than something we are trying to become. However, at the same time it helps us identify what we value and what we hope all students and friends of the College experience when they come to SBC. As we came together to form this vision we also realised that a vision shouldn’t be static but rather a dynamic statement that reflects the continual development of College life, so we continually remind ourselves of it and revisit to see if it needs reinvigorating. 

Vision Statement: Equipping people to participate in God’s kingdom through the church and in the wider world.

We are here to:

  1. Provide a quality and holistic theological education.
  2. Equip our students for a variety of vocations in ministry and mission.
  3. Create a learning environment which nourishes faith.
  4. Be a welcoming, encouraging, and supportive community for students irrespective of background.
  5. Help students discover and develop their call, inspiring them to reach their full potential.