When does a new year stop being a new year? Mid-February certainly seems quite late. However, as we moved from 2019 into 2020 it felt like a good time to remind, revisit, refresh, and reinvigorate our core values. For the past month I’ve been reflecting on the College and what makes it so important. At the same time as using language of “newness”, I recognise that as the College celebrates 125 years of the Scottish Baptist College, one of our strengths is longevity, stability, and experience. Novelty might be appealing, but often its experience that counts. 

We remain committed to some fundamental principles. We believe theology is best taught in community, with the richness of face-to-face encounters which shape our theology. We believe theological study should nourish faith and that our learning community prospers from a diversity of academic, denominational, and social backgrounds. We are committed to equipping our students for a wide variety of ministries – for conventional contexts and for the more unconventional! 

For these reasons we’re committed to making this type of learning more widely available through innovations in our delivery; we’re continuing to be a welcoming and generous community, seeking to develop relationships with others where we can; and we’re consistently revising what we teach to offer training for ministry and mission in a wide range of contexts. It’s ambitious, but we’ve already started: we’re trialling virtual classrooms through video-conferencing; we’re looking at offering classes delivered in block study weeks; and we’re running our Chaplaincy and Schools module again, as well as investigating provision for youth ministry. 

It’s just the beginning of what are exciting conversations and we hope that you will join us on the journey. If you’re interested in learning more, please get in contact! Our Open Day on March 12th is fast approaching and it is an ideal opportunity for you to discover how we might help you delve a bit deeper with God.

Our Vision and Values:

Equipping people to participate in God’s kingdom through the church and in the wider world.