Chaplaincy and Schools: Spiritual Development within the Curriculum for Excellence.

Starting in September 2019, join us for a 12 week blended learning class. At present, one of the only modules offered at Undergraduate level across Scotland with a focus on Chaplaincy and Schools.

This module will help you think through different approaches to chaplaincy, spirituality, and religious education, all in the context of working with young people. Ideal for anyone who is, or hopes to be, a school chaplain, and anyone working with young people in any environment. 

“Schools are an important space where young people acquire values and explore beliefs.”

Steve Younger, Module Coordinator

Hear more from Dr. Steve Younger, Module Coordinator, in an interview with him here.

Runs from September 12th till December 5th 2019: Thurs 10am—1:15pm

Audit—£350; First-time class—£500

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