We’ve just finished this year’s orientation events with the new intake of students. I always find it one of the most exciting times of the year as I meet the new students who I’ve been journeying with for the past few months as they get their applications submitted and make plans for study. For some it’s been 6 months of waiting and for others, just a matter of weeks, but once they all begin to gather together there’s a mix of excitement, anticipation, and a few nerves too!

One of the best things about being in the role of prospective student advisor is hearing all the stories of how and why people are looking to join the College. It’s a privilege to hear people’s testimony and begin to see the rich tapestry of what will become the next year’s student body. Some have a very clear vision of what comes next and have been following God’s voice for a while; others are here simply because they know God has called them to SBC and trust that what lies ahead for them is good. And there’s so many different backstories with some students coming straight from school, whilst for others this is a lifelong passion that they are only able to do later in life. But they all have one thing in common – a passion for God…and that’s exciting! It makes the College a rich and invigorating place to learn and grow in faith.

And so the adventure begins. Next week (Tuesday 12th September) we kick off classes proper with Turning Points in Church History and through the rest of the week new students and returning students will filter into classes on Christian Worship, Youth and Community Ministry, and biblical studies in both the Old and New Testament. Throughout this past week, we’ve emphasized that the College is a learning community – yes it’s about learning but it’s also a community of friendship. As the students journey through these classes they’ll get to know one another better – some will become friends for life; they’ll support one another in learning – getting to know God better, together; they’ll change as individuals and as a group – the College is not just about learning, but about formation and we expect and hope for students to develop and flourish as they dive deeper into God’s Word and get to know God better for themselves.

If this reflection sparks off a thought in you, even just a hint that you might want to join us to learn, grow, and flourish in your faith, then please get in contact with me and I’ll be more than happy to talk though the options. If you’ve missed the September intake then don’t worry, we have another intake in January and we can always make advance plans for starting next September. Email me on graham.meiklejohn@uws.ac.uk and we can arrange a conversation on-campus or over Zoom.