We believe God has a purpose for everyone and that God calls us to serve Him in a wide and diverse range of vocations. When we talk about training for mission and ministry we consider it as a broad remit. Our graduates go into a variety of different jobs – teachers, chaplains, caring professions, youth workers, and so on, as well as, the more traditional church ministry. As a priesthood of all believers, we affirm that God calls us to a variety of ministries in a variety of contexts using us to reveal His love to the world.

It might be that God is calling you into full-time church work but it might be that God is calling you to serve where you are using the experience you already have. It might be that you feel called to serve God outside of the immediate church context, in the community or as a chaplain. We want to affirm all of these options and, in pursuing God’s potential in your life, we hope that you’ll think about studying with us, even just for one module, in order to equip you to serve wherever you are.

Whatever your motivations or passions for studying, we help to develop your skills, thinking, and understanding so that you can reach your potential. As God has started a good work in you, He will see it to completion.

Student Testimony – Lisa Ewart (Class of 2022)

If you were to meet me now, I think you’d find it hard to imagine me as the shy, timid, quiet person I was at the beginning of my degree. My four years at the Scottish Baptist College were transformational, for the following reasons:

Firstly, the modules were informative and practical, giving me the foundational tools upon which I could build my theology and practice. This was most noticeable during my placements where I was able to critically engage with mission and ministry in a variety of settings, and then objectively reflect on those experiences.

Secondly, the classes were dynamic and interactive, providing myself and the other students with a safe space where we could ask and wrestle with questions that were laying heavy on our hearts and minds. It wasn’t always easy being confronted with topics and practices that made me challenge my own beliefs and habits, but I learnt to approach them with an open heart and mind, eager to learn and understand through questioning and conversation. One such occurrence was during the reconciliation module and the topic of forgiveness. This element of Christ-like living confronted me head-on, but I used my wrestling of this topic as the foundation for my dissertation, ‘A Kingdom for the Hungry’, which explored the practicalities of forgiveness through the Lord’s Supper.

Thirdly, the students of SBC are a family. Being part of a college community with students who had different backgrounds and beliefs to me meant my learning didn’t stop when class finished. Conversations continued into the coffee break, lunch times, and even into the evening when we all crowded around a table to study and write assignments; and though we may not have always agreed with each other, our dialogue was respectful and educational. The relationships I’ve made were, and continue to be, formative. I will forever be grateful for those whom I have had the privilege to journey alongside throughout the degree, and beyond.

Finally, the Scottish Baptist College wouldn’t be what it is without the lecturers. The open-door policy of the lecturers was a comforting assurance that there would always be someone on hand to help with any crisis I had, however large or small. The dedication and the passion of the lecturers to see their students succeed is clearly demonstrated in their unwavering support and encouragement. They genuinely care for their students, value their contribution to college life, and are invested in their future. The lecturers really are the beating heart of the college and its community!

Though I may not have fully understood the journey I was embarking on when I signed up to do the degree, I can honestly say that attending the Scottish Baptist College has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Juggling assignments alongside church and family life was difficult at times, especially when faced with lockdowns, but as a college community we carried each other’s burdens and sought the guidance of the Spirit. My relationship with God has strengthened and deepened, I have grown and have been transformed into who I am today because of my time at the Scottish Baptist College. However, this is not the end of my journey. The Scottish Baptist College gave me the tools with which I can continue to grow and develop, and whilst I may not be a full-time student anymore, I now eagerly embark on the next stage of my journey.

Next steps

If you would like to discuss study options and how SBC can help you, then please contact our Prospective Student Advisor, Graham Meiklejohn on graham.meiklejohn@uws.ac.uk or call the SBC offices on 0141 848 3988.