In the final part of exploring some of the ‘best bits’ about SBC we’re focussing on #SBCForYouSBC exists for you!


Maybe you are reading this wondering how is SBC here for you? You’re not a student and maybe you’ve never even visited us in Paisley. It can be hard to feel like SBC is really here for you. However, there are many ways that you may already connect to SBC and many ways that you might connect to SBC in the future.


Firstly, SBC is here to train future leaders and contributors in the church – we hope that in some way, some where down the line, you’ll benefit from graduates of SBC. We want to be as much a part of the Church as anyone – training for, listening to, working alongside the local church for the benefit of the wider church. And, of course, reciprocally, we’d love you to pray for those who are students (and their lecturers!) as they journey through their time at SBC.


Secondly, SBC is here to serve the local church and Christians across Scotland (and beyond!) We’re constantly looking for ways we can help to do this better – resourcing churches, sharing expertise, and developing knowledge. If you’re church needs a preacher / speaker, then please do get in contact – a lot of our staff and students are more than happy to visit your church in this capacity. We can often bring along a team of students too and present a little bit about the work of SBC – so if you’d like your church to know some more about the College then do let us know. Alternatively, if you’d like someone to come address a specific topic of theology then again we’d love to provide someone to do this for you by leading a workshop or addressing a meeting.


Finally, SBC is For You because we’d encourage anyone who wants to explore theological education to try it out! We try to encourage flexible ways of study through part-time courses and we will do our best to accommodate life circumstances. To find out more about studying at SBC then read more here. We also hold regular Tuesday afternoon seminars throughout the term which are informal lectures, often with guest speakers, that deal with a specific area of interest across a broad range of topics. These seminars are open to the public and are perfect for those who want just a snippet of theology to chew over week by week – find out more here.

We hope that you will join us on the journey at SBC