We’re excited to announce the launch of a new blended learning class for 2016/17 to be taught at SBC. The class will centre upon training for Chaplaincy and will be coordinated by Rev. Dr.METADATA-START Carol Campbell, Lead Chaplain for the Clyde Sector of Greater Glasgow and Clyde health board. The course has also been developed for, and in partnership with, Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland to widen their educational offerings.


The class will introduce the basic principles and practices of chaplaincy and spiritual care. It will consider the historical development of different forms of chaplaincy from their origin to the present day. The module will also explore contemporary expressions of chaplaincy, such as Chaplaincy-workplace, healthcare, armed forces, education, sport and prison.

Spiritual care is at the heart of chaplaincy, which seeks to listen and offer support to people of all faiths and none. The class will explore the meaning of spiritual care as it relates to religious care.  The future shape and development of chaplaincy will also be considered, including the challenges and opportunities that this may involve.

The blended nature of the class means that students will have 6 weeks of face-to-face lectures for embodied 2014class600learning mixed with the equivalent of 6 classes based on a distance-learning model. The class is rooted in practice with the experience and expertise from practitioners but with academic robustness in content and resources.

If you are interested in taking this class then you can get more information by emailing graham.meiklejohn@uws.ac.uk – the class can be taken as part of the wider BD in Pastoral Studies or as a single class unit.

The first opportunity to take the class will be on Tuesday afternoons in the Autumn term of 2016 (Sept to Dec 2016) and you can register interest now!