The College provides theological education that is responsive to current challenges of mission and ministry in a post-Christian context. The theological education we offer does not reside in an ivory tower; rather, it has its feet firmly rooted in the earth of the Scottish and British cultural context and is grounded in a Christ-centred, biblically-based, practical faith. We seek to ensure a high quality of education with attention not simply to the content of our courses but to the way in which they are delivered. Accordingly, we place a large emphasis on interactive teaching and learning which is:

  • Communal as well as individual
  • Conversational as well as lecture-based
  • Contextual as well as global
  • Character-forming as well as intellectual
  • Contemplative as well as active
  • Church-based as well as college-based

Truly a safe place, an anvil, for thrashing ideas, expressing and testing opinions, and honing ministry skills. Personal, warm – but not in a fuzzy way, room for feisty-ness. A community of learning that promotes Christian life in the real world.

Rev James Faddes

Minister, previous modular student