Introduction to the Modular Study

We know the demands of life – work, family, church commitments – they all take up time and energy. Sometimes it is just impossible to commit to studying full-time. However, time and time again we hear ‘but I still want to study theology!’

You can come to SBC and study individual classes without a commitment to a wider course of study. You are welcome to take as many classes per term as you want…or as few!

Classes can be taken for University ‘credit’ (i.e. assessed and marked) and although the classes aren’t qualifications in their own right (they are only part of a course such as a Certificate in Divinity), this guarantees a good quality of learning.  If you would like to apply then please find out more about studying at the College and apply online here.

Alternatively email the College on

How is SBC as a place to study individual class? Is it easy to integrate into the College?

I found SBC a friendly place to be. Staff and students were very welcoming and I quickly felt part of the college, even though I was only in once a week. The fulltime students even let me walk to the library and have lunch with them!!

What are some of the modules you’ve studied and what did you get out of them?

I have studied modules on ‘Worship’, ‘Baptist Identity’ and ‘Creative Homiletics’ and enjoyed each of them. I found them practically helpful, allowing me to enhance skills and in some cases providing me with new skills; and also challenging, as we looked at different ideas and spent time discussing together in class, often challenging each other’s thoughts…but in a safe and respectful way while also having a good laugh at times in the relaxed, supportive atmosphere created in class by lecturers.

What are some of the challenges / highlights from modular study at SBC?

As I was working fulltime, the main challenge I experienced was managing the weekly reading and uploading my reflections to the online forum, though this was also a very beneficial exercise to both clarify my own thoughts and to allow my opinions to be challenged by the comments of classmates. The work load was never unreasonable and with a bit of discipline, was definitely manageable.

Highlights are tricky to choose – I really enjoyed the classes, the break for worship (which was so varied, as everyone took a turn), and pretty decent coffee with good quality banter and generally having a wee snap shot of SBC life…which I reckon is pretty good!

Ruth Kelso

Modular Studies

Classes run over a 15 week term (normally 12 classes with one or two reading weeks midterm and an assessment week at the end) and meet between 10am and 1:15pm. Classes are once weekly on either a Tuesday, Wednesday, or a Thursday (email the College about specific information for any given class).

  • Encountering the New Testament
  • Encountering the Old Testament
  • Worship
  • Leadership
  • Living Justly in God’s World
  • Turning Points in Church History
  • Pastoral Care
  • Preaching
  • Work-based Learning and Study Skills
  • Mission and Culture
  • Baptist Identity: Church and Your Community

These classes are all entry-level classes but it is also possible to take other classes from our BD Degree course at a higher level with evidence of prior learning.

If you’ve never studied at the College before then your first class is only £500. Thereafter the normal rate is £1000 per module. (Other modules rates are available for Graduate / Ministerial CMD).

Find out more about studying at the College here or apply online here.