Starting in September 2023 we have 5 engaging introductory modules and one excellent upper level module suitable for continuing learners and ministerial development. These can be taken as part of our full degree programmes but also as individual modules for those interested in a specific subject as a one-off learner. If you’re interested in finding out more or applying for any of the courses, then please email our prospective student advisor, Graham Meiklejohn on

Introductory modules

Encountering the Old Testament is an introduction to reading the Old Testament exploring composition, authorship, translation, and interpretation in light of the whole of Scripture. The classes help students to wrestle with the main themes of the Old Testament and what it reveals about God and how it can help them in their own faith journeys.

Thursday – daytime on-campus and online in the evenings.

Christian Worship is more than just leading singing. This module looks at the history and theology of worship, engaging students with different traditions all in pursuit of helping them think more creatively about curating worship experiences for Christians in a variety of contexts. The class helps students to reflect on their own experiences of worship in order to explore why we do what we do in worship.

Wednesday – daytime on-campus and online in the evenings.

Part of our Youth and Community degree stream, this module looks at the standard values of Community Learning and Development (CLD) such as self-determination, inclusion, and empowerment, and asks how they translate into a Christian ethos. The classes will be based in real-life experience and practice equipping students to think about their youth and community ministries.

Wednesday – online in the evenings only.

Do you ever wonder why churches are the way they are? This module traces the history and development of the church from the early Church through the various decisive shaping moments including the Reformation, to the contemporary era. An excellent overview of why figures and movements in history made the decisions they did and how this impacted Christians and churches.

Tuesday – daytime on-campus and online in the evenings.

Time for Reflection is a unique module in Scotland at undergraduate level that focuses on chaplaincy in schools. An ideal module for those already involved in chaplaincy in schools or considering working with a local school / young people. The classes look specifically at the curriculum for Scottish schools and ask how to best convey the Gospel within the curriculum framework.

Thursday – online in the afternoon only.

Upper Level modules

Sermon on the Mount is a thought-provoking and stimulating module that considers an ethical approach to the biblical text to uncover the revolutionary nature of the Kingdom of God. An inter-disciplinary exploration of the well-known text will bring fresh understanding and challenges for the Christian life. This class is ideal for continuing ministerial development or for those already with a background in theology.

Thursdays – daytime online only.

Modules consist of 12 classes over a 13 week period (one week of no classes in October) and are considered 20 credit modules in the SCQF framework. Fee information for both degree study and modular access can be found here. Online classes are live and interactive with lecturer and students present for discussion. All resources can be found online including reading material with no requirement to be on-campus at any point for online students (although we always welcome visitors!)

Classes begin in the week of September 11th and applications for full-time degree studies close on Friday September 1st. Modular applications can be accepted up until Friday September 8th. Apply here.