After a hiatus over Christmas we continue to explore some of the ‘best bits’ about SBC. This time we’re thinking about #SBCVocation – in a nutshell that SBC is focussed on thinking about the future – your future!


At SBC we want to help you to discover more about yourself and help to ready you for wherever you might be called to in the future. Some people arrive at SBC with a very certain direction and we’re here to help equip people for such a calling. Others arrive here with no idea what the future might hold for them and we’re here to help them find a good path ahead. Either way we hope that SBC is a good and formative experience that looks to help a student move forward.


At SBC we aim for, not just head knowledge for the sake of it, but to specialise in applying theology to real life situations enabling a depth of reflection on the world we inhabit. In all our teaching we aim to be preparing students for careers in ministry and Christian work, but also, for life outside of the walls of a classroom. Ultimately we recognise that students will go on and work in a variety of contexts at various stages in their life so we envisage that SBC will be a place where students are being equipped to work within church contexts but also as care workers, teachers, youth workers, and more besides.


As part of the BD Theology with Pastoral Studies students are required to take on a placement each year of study from their second year onwards. These placements are diverse – opportunities can range from Chaplaincy roles, to parachurch organisations, and all sorts of church roles. These placements emphasise a rootedness in practice combined with learning the skill of reflective practice – thinking theologically about a real and lived situation. We hope that SBC gives a rounded approach to theology and life that equips students for future opportunities.