Tony Peck – SBC Community Seminar audio

You may recall a few weeks ago we had Tony Peck, the General Secretary of the European Baptist Federation, speaking at […]

Join the ‘family’ – #SBCCommunity

One of the integral parts of SBC is the community – and we’re inviting you to be a part of it!

Embark on a journey of discovery – #SBCDiscover

Continuing our advent journey through the highlights of SBC we ‘open the window’ on #SBCDiscover. SBC Discover has a variety of aspects to it and we hope to unpack a few of them here.

More than meets the eye – #SBCLocation

Winter has truly setting in and we turn our thoughts to the Advent season. Over the next few weeks you’ll get the chance to ‘open the window’ of SBC and discover a little more about what we think are some of the best things about SBC. We hope you enjoy seeing a little bit more about what SBC has to offer and we would encourage you to spread the word or to get in touch if there is anything that piques your interest and you want to know more!

College Life – Autumn 2015

We love to hear from those who have been a part of the SBC story…and we hope you enjoy hearing the latest news from SBC! So here is the newest edition of ‘College Life’ where you’ll find an update of the start of the new term at SBC

Setting the Captives Free: The Bible and Human Trafficking (Marion Carson)

Here at SBC, we’re delighted to promote a new book, ‘Setting the Captives Free’, written by SBC lecturer, Dr. Marion Carson.

SBC Community Seminar – Eileen Bebbington – Tuesday October 20th

On Tuesday October 20th, SBC have a special College Community Seminar where Eileen Bebbington will be presenting on ‘The Christian and Damaged Bonding in Early Years.’

Induction Service: Principal’s Perspective

Principal Rev. Dr Ian Birch opened the academic year with a short reflection at last week’s Opening Service. This is the script of his meditation which brings to life the logo of SBC.

College Community Seminars

Every Tuesday SBC hosts a College Community Seminar which allows visiting speakers and guests to share their experience, research and insight into a specific area related to theology and practice. These events are open to the public.

Happiness, singleness, and Christian life

Our Lina Toth has just had a series of articles published in The Baptist Times