As we approach a new academic year beginning in September 2021, we highlight some of our entry level modules that can be taken through individual modular study or as part of a full-time or part-time degree course. In the following, the module coordinators summarise briefly what the classes cover. If you’re interested in finding out more information about the modules or how you can study with us then please contact Communications Coordinator, Graham Meiklejohn on You can find out further information about modular study on this website or more about degree studies too.

Has the Old Testament ever puzzled you? Discover how God speaks today through ancient stories, poems, and prophecies

God still speaks through the Old Testament today, but to discern his voice, we need to learn how to listen. In Encountering the Old Testament we will take up the challenge of engaging with a wide variety of ancient Jewish literature. We will begin to learn how to read multi-layered narratives, beautifully crafted poems, and complex prophetic texts. Furthermore, despite the fact that the Old Testament may seems like an arbitrary collection of books, we will discover the grand narrative that binds these books together. This narrative begins with God’s good creation and His vocation for humanity, which we’ll discover is still relevant for us today.

More than singing? Explore new ways to think and experience Christian worship.

How come that ‘worship’ is often equated with the musical aspect of Christians gathering together for their services? This module will immerse you into the richness of Christian worship, exploring its Old Testament roots, its New Testament theology, and its various expressions throughout history down to our times. We will look at the practicalities and different ways of leading worship in various settings, and will think about the theological messages that our worship communicates. You will also be asked to expand your experience by visiting and reflecting upon a worship service of a Christian tradition that is different from yours, or one you would like to understand better.

Getting to the heartbeat of God’s relationship to His creation.

Mission is often considered to be the silver bullet for churches in the contemporary context. Change your church service in this way or that way; put on this course or that course; be more like this culture or that culture. But what if mission was more than a panacea for an ailing church and took us to the very heartbeat of God’s relationship to His creation? In this module we’ll explore biblical and theological aspects of mission and consider how churches and Christians can engage well with our surrounding context in order to participate in God’s Kingdom purposes.