“Okay, so I’m interested in studying theology, but what topics could I be studying in September?”

We think we’ve got a really exciting line up of classes coming up in September 2020. Whether you’re thinking about studying full-time, part-time, or just an individual module, there’s lots of interesting topics being covered. At any point if you’d like more information or want to discuss study option then get in contact with our Communications Coordinator, Graham Meiklejohn, by emailing graham.meiklejohn@uws.ac.uk

There are 4 entry-level courses being offered in September 2020. If you’re studying full-time you’ll cover three of these but any of them can be studied as an individual module. So what are they?

Living Justly in God’s World

This is a fast-paced introduction to doctrine and ethics. If we agree that living a Christlike life means something then we need to ask what does living a good life mean when there are many competing conceptions of the good life. And how does being good relate to salvation and redemption. And in the face of sin, suffering and evil how can we still maintain we have a good God? A class that doesn’t always answer the questions, but begins you on a path of discovery.

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Encountering the New Testament

Are you new to reading the Bible? Or perhaps you’ve read it many times over. Either way, this class helps you to get the most out of reading Scripture by introducing you to biblical interpretation. It considers biblical translation and different approaches to reading texts; how the Bible was written and how it was put together; and importantly, it considers the story of God that the New Testament is telling. An engaging class that provides a solid foundation for biblical studies.

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Communicating the Message: The Practice of Preaching

In this class you’ll both practice the skill of preaching and learn the theories of preaching that can help enrich your communication and public speaking. Whether you plan to be a minister or simply recognize the value of good communication skills, this class is a perfect blend of practice and reflection to help develop your confidence and ability in public speaking.

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What else is on offer?

In September 2020 we are also offering a stand-alone course called Time for Reflection which looks at Chaplaincy and Schools. This module will help you think through different approaches to chaplaincy, spirituality, and religious education, all in the context of working with young people. Ideal for school staff tasked with the delivery of Values Education and Time for Reflection. Ideal too for anyone who is, or hopes to be, a school chaplain, and anyone working with young people in any environment. Furthermore, we have a number of bursaries to help with the cost of studying bringing the cost down to just £250 for the 12-week module.

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Looking for advanced study / Continuing Ministerial Development?

If you already have previous study experience in theology then you might be interested in these classes for further development. We have a brand new course for 2020 – Paul and the Gospel of Jesus being taught by Dr. Andrew Clarke and is ideally placed for graduates looking to return for continuing ministerial development. Both Sermon on the Mount and Reconciliation are interdisciplinary classes that consider Scripture, ethics, and doctrine drawing together practice and theory to think about kingdom values (Sermon on the Mount) and issues of apartheid and racial reconciliation and sectarianism and peace-making (Reconciliation).

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Paul and the Gospel of Jesus

Sermon on the Mount


Read more on our full-time degree course here. If you’re coming new to SBC for modular study you can study your first module for just £500 for the 12 week module.

All modules are validated by the University of the West of Scotland and will be taught through blended distance learning using video-conferenced, real-time classes – for more on our reasons for teaching using this method, read here.

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