New Year is traditionally a time to try new things and make positive changes. Perhaps the time is right for you to study something new and to try something that you’ve never done before. At SBC you can take a one-off class – this allows you to learn a subject without the long-term commitment to a course of study…or it might be a first step in the direction of a certificate, diploma, or degree!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a little bit more about the bible and biblical studies then Dr. Marion Carson is teaching Listening to Scripture which allows you to study a variety of texts in relation to literary and historical context, genre, setting and theology. Marion is a widely published lecturer and has recently published both a study guide and books on Human Trafficking and the Bible.

SBC April-22Also being taught next term is the Christian Ethics class. Rev. Gus Macauley will bring all his experience working as a lawyer and as a minister to bring ethics to life and help to tackle some of the big issues in the world today including abortion, divorce and remarriage, ecology, economics, assisted suicide, technology and privacy, just war theory and peacemaking, and human sexuality.

Finally you might also be interested in learning more about The Practice of Pastoral Care and to teach the class we have Rev. Dr. Carol Campbell, Lead Chaplain for the Clyde Sector of Greater Glasgow and Clyde health board. Carol brings vast amounts of practical experience in the area of pastoral SBC April-10and spiritual care and will help lead the class through the difficult issues of pastoral care such as dealing with bereavement and depression, as well as some of the significant aspects of pastoral care as incarnational ministry.

These classes do cost £750 each for the term of classes but for 12 weeks of classes and access to the resources of the Scottish Baptist College, we think this is excellent value. All the classes start in the final week of January 2017. So if you’d like to find out more, or if you know someone who would be interested, the please do get in contact with the SBC offices. To apply online then please submit the online form here.

To visit the College or to talk through coming to study at the College then please contact Graham Meiklejohn on 0141 848 3986 or email