Sometimes we’re asked what our students do after graduating. Read a little more here about Anne Choi who graduated with a Bachelor of Divinity from SBC in the recent UWS Winter Graduations. Anne did one of her placements through SBC in hospital chaplaincy and this has equipped her well for the next stage of her journey. In the following interview we catch up with Anne a little on what she is doing now she has completed her studies at SBC.


  1. What are you doing now post-graduation / post-studies?027

I started to work for Cross Reach in Glasgow, an organization of Church of Scotland, as a Relief Support Assistant since September this year.  I work for vulnerable elderly people who need supported living.  I am glad that I can be there to care for them and be the helping hands and feet of Jesus for the people who he cares such a lot about.  I hope that even my smallest acts can help the people I serve to see the love of God through me and have hope in Him, even in amongst all the pain of life.


  1. What was the best thing about your time at SBC?

It was the opportunity to enjoy studying full-time, which I did not have the chance to do when I was young.


  1. What were the challenges of the final year and / or after graduating?

It was to have firm faith in God.  However, I confess that I worried whether God would deliver and help me save face: I used to tell my teenage son regarding my work, “You will see how God will take care of everything!”  God did deliver and for this I give thanks to God!


  1. One piece of advice to current students?

Do your best in all that you do, not for your own benefit but in order to please God.