Over the weekend we heard sad news about the passing of a former SBC Principal, Rev. Dr. Gordon Martin. He was Principal of SBC from 1979-1988.

One of current lecturers, Steve Younger, remembers him fondly as Principal during his own studies at SBC:

“He was always incredibly gracious, gentle, patient, and willing to help and advise students. He was very approachable and always joined the students at Coffee break time. He and his wife Lillias were both lovely and great encouragers. Doc Martin cycled and walked everywhere. He was always an academic and could never resist the Union Bookroom which was downstairs in the College in Aytoun Road.”

Steve tells a story to show the lighter side to College Principal:

“One of the students would always roll up his biscuit wrapper and try to lob it into Doc Martin’s cup of tea. Doc Martin developed the habit of keeping a hand over his cup at all times unless actually sipping his tea. One time the student successfully landed his wrapper in the cup on at least two occasions that I can recall. He took it all in good spirit. He would warn visiting lecturers to keep a hand over their drink when he brought them in to the Common Room.”

More recently Rev. Dr. Martin continued his academic work, publishing Onward to Completion: History and the Future in Tertullian of Carthage in early 2020.

Pictured below with the College student body circa 1983 (front row 4th from the right). For funeral details please contact the College on scottishbaptistcollege@uws.ac.uk.