Winter has truly setting in and we turn our thoughts to the Advent season. It’s likely that you or someone you know will be excited to open their advent calendar to discover the picture, chocolate, or verse behind the advent calendar window. Over the next few weeks you’ll get the chance to ‘open the window’ of SBC and discover a little more about what we think are some of the best things about SBC. We hope you enjoy seeing a little bit more about what SBC has to offer and we would encourage you to spread the word or to get in touch if there is anything that piques your interest and you want to know more!

Behind the first ‘window’ is SBC’s Location (#SBCLocation – you’ll see these hashtags on the website and in use on Twitter to keep up to date with what is happening at SBC)


SBC is located on the Paisley campus of the University of the West of Scotland.  The Paisley campus is well equipped between academic resources such as a large library, student support services, and student accomodation as well as student-focussed resources such as a sports centre and several eating places – all accessbile to students at Thomas-Coats-Memorial-from-the-roadside-By-Karen-BrodieSBC.  SBC is located close to Paisley town centre which is bidding to be UK City of Culture 2021. Paisley town centre has many fabulous historic buildings including Coats Memorial Church and Paisley Abbey. Paisley also has a bustling town centre with shops, cafes, and restaurants all within easy walking distance of SBC.

SBC is also conveniently located near to Glasgow City approximately 15 minutes down the M8 motorway and easily accessible from all parts of the surrounding Glasgow and West of Scotland area. Paisley is well linked to all forms of public transport with SBC close to Paisley Gilmour Street train station, regular bus services, as well as being located near to Glasgow airport for anyone travelling from further afield!

AerialThere is really no better place to study theology than at SBC as it offers the combination of community learning, as well as the individual interest in each student with the ‘big’ university experience, and well-resourced and well-serviced locality. Of course the best way to experience SBC’s location is to come and visit – please get in contact if you would like to visit SBC and the UWS campus.