Continuing our advent journey through the highlights of SBC we ‘open the window’ on #SBCDiscover. SBC Discover has a variety of aspects to it and we hope to unpack a few of them here.

Personal discovery

At SBC we encourage all of our students to embark on a journey of discovery. The time that students spend at SBC is often formative and transforming in many ways. Lifelong friendship are cultivated; new ideas challenge and emerge; experience of ministry in different places and circumstances; as well as the highs and lows that 4 years at university brings. We encourage our students to engage fully in this journey of discovery and through the support of the community we always hope their time here will be a hugely positive influence in their life.


Discovery through learning

One of the primary aims of SBC is, of course, to teach and equip through theological education. The classes and courses at SBC are developed to stretch students to think deeply about theology but also to make the connection to practice, ministry, and mission. Howewver, we are also aware that many of students go on to work and be involved in fields beyond traditional ministry roles and so we aim to equip our students for all walks of life. Being in a larger university setting allows us to offer students the opportunity to take a class outside of the field of theology – for example there is the chance to investigate taking a class from the education department if you are interested in teaching; or in the nursing department if you are interested in healthcare and caring professions. This really makes SBC the place for discovery!


Discovery of a calling

Many of the students that come to SBC are here because they are called to a particular vocation. We love to see our students discover more about their calling as they go through their years at the College. But many students are also here to discover more about where God may be calling them and so we hope to create a stimulating and invigorating environment to help them find their direction and enable them to go on after SBC to fruitful and fulfilling careers, ministry, mission, and vocations. Whether you know where you are headed or whether you do not know the path ahead we hope SBC is a good place for you to be.