Summer graduation is always a high point of the College year. It’s the culmination of years of work for our students. This year was no exception and it was great to see our students graduate and head on to what lies ahead. We caught up with one of these graduates, Stephen Collins, to get his perspective on graduating.

How did your time at College shape you?

The College helped me to ask questions and think critically about the nature of faith and to gain a “faith that seeks understanding.” Some of the time it was about exploring those questions and engaging in dialogue with others who are also on the same journey – all of us seeking to understand more about God and the nature of our own existence.

What will you remember most about the College?

The community of students and lecturers who are like family. The support from both students and lecturers as you wrestle with questions and theories in class discussions and assignments.

What’s next?  

Currently I am the pastor of Kings Park Baptist Church and I am in my third year of pre-accreditation with the Baptist Union. Over the next year I look forward to continue developing within the role and completing the pre-accreditation process. But I may still return and sit through further classes at the College for my continuing ministerial development!

If you’d like to come to study at the College for ministerial training or otherwise (other graduates this year are going into teaching and para-church mission work) then please get in contact with – it’s not too late to enquire about full-time, part-time, or for modular study starting in September 2018.