Ally Heath is one of SBC’s students that is leaving over the summer months to start a new chapter of life and ministry. It’s always sad to see students leave our immediate community, but we are also pleased to send them onward to take up new challenges. Having spent last summer with a church on Orkney and, in his words, ‘loved it’, he’s waiting to hear about returning for a longer placement now his studies have been completed. We caught up with Ally asking for some reflections on his time at SBC.

Ally tells us of the challenge to thinking deeply about theology: ‘Studying at SBC has helped me to think both broader and deeper in areas that I might not have naturally considered. I believe this has given me a greater understanding of not only my own viewpoints but has also helped me to relate to others people’s viewpoints and made me more open to new ideas. In turn this has created in me a greater capacity to think critically and for further study.’

As Ally moves on to the next chapter he’s grateful for his time at SBC: ‘SBC has equipped me with a tool-kit on different subjects that I know I will refer back to for future ministry.’ He is also aware that the time spent at SBC helped to shape his future direction: ‘I benefited from the work-based learning placements which has enabled me to sharpen my sense of call to ministry and has put me on the path to applying for accredited ministry.’

Most of all, Ally told us of his love for his fellow students (and perhaps even staff when they are not marking essays!) ‘One of the massive strengths of studying at SBC is the family environment and depth of community that exists there. Being part of the community provides not only a great support network, but they are also a lot of fun. I know I have made friendships that will last for years to come.’

Though it might seem like life at the Scottish Baptist College is all about hours spent in the library writing essays, the real heart of SBC is to help people discern and discover their calling and to be enriched and equipped for their vocation. We look to explore that deeper walk with God. If you’re looking for the next step or feeling challenged to go deeper, then SBC could be a great place to start the search!

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