Last week we had the privilege of hosting Dr “Doc” Parush Parushev at the Scottish Baptist College for a ‘fireside’ chat. SBC’s Lina Toth, a student, colleague, and most importantly, friend of Parush interviewed him on all things church, leadership, and everything in between! We managed to catch an audio recording of the conversation and you can download below the diagram that Parush and others refer to (though we seem to have lost the last 10 mins – apologies if it cuts out just before you got to the part you were looking forward to!)

This was the last SBC seminar of 2017 but we’ll be back in the new term with a fresh batch of seminars open to all interested parties so please do think about coming to join us for those – we’ll release the dates and topics in the near future!

Listen below or download the audio here

Download the diagram here: Parushev Diagram (c)