September is always a fantastically exciting time of year for SBC. Amidst all the frantic preparations for beginning the new term, we are reminded that we exist because of the students of SBC – they bring a sense of life to the College.

Within the life of the College the students bring a richness and a variety of experience to SBC life. The buzz of the first few weeks (before the hard work really sets in!) is a vibrant reminder of the rich tapestry of life. This year we have an excellent new intake of first year BD students and part-time students taking individual classes for interest or for ministry accreditation. For the first time we also have a blended learning cohort (studying part of the time at SBC and part of the time using online methods) studying the Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care class. Of course, we are also glad to welcome back many returning students on the road to completing their degrees giving their experience and encouragement to those starting out. All in all, despite graduating a large number of students last year, we have one of the largest numbers of individual students in some years. Exciting times for the College as we look to continue this trend in coming years.student-group-16

Over the course of this academic year we hope to share stories of life and teaching at the College, its students, and also the impact that together the College, the students, and our alumni make on the wider world. If you are considering joining this story then please look at our information pages on the website and get in contact with us about studying Theology (we do take students for a start in January 2017!)