Here at SBC, we’re delighted to promote a new book, ‘Setting the Captives Free’, written by SBC lecturer, Dr. Marion Carson. It’s a great privilege to have Marion teaching at SBC in biblical studies but she also combines this role with her role as Secretary of the European Baptist Federation Anti-trafficking Network. These interests combine in her latest book – Setting the Captives Free: The Bible and Human Trafficking.

In Setting the Captives Free, Marion sets out to answer the question, what does the Bible say about human trafficking? Aimed at Christian anti-trafficking activists and church groups, the book offers an overview of the biblical material on slavery and the sex trade. Acknowledging that there is a difference between the biblical worldview and most Christians today with regard to slavery, it suggests that we can learn much from the Abolitionists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Following their example, it reads the biblical text through the lens of the law of love. Each chapter provides study questions and is illustrated throughout.

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