Recently we commissioned Create Paisley to help us produce a video (see below!) to let everyone get a glimpse into life at SBC entitled ‘Become a Part of the Journey‘. Take just a couple of minutes – 1 minute 36 seconds in fact…no longer than a normal advert – to watch it (and then share the YouTube link everywhere you can!)

We’re not going to lie – we love SBC! Making a video is an unashamed way of giving you a brief insight into what it’s like to be here day-by-day. As Communications Coordinator, Graham Meiklejohn shares a little bit behind the process of making the video:

‘I wanted to communicate some of the best bits of the College. Its life and vibrancy; its community and students; its passion for learning, education and preparation. But it’s not all just about “look at us” – we genuinely want as many people as possible to become part of the journey. Whether it’s coming to study; or praying for the students; or giving finance to help the College develop; or popping in for a visit or a class, we wanted everyone to feel welcome and free to be part of SBC.’ 

David Storer from Create Paisley was the producer / editor of the video. Create Paisley looks to engage and empower local young people to inspire the positive transformation of Paisley through creative activism, media, culture and the arts. We partnered with them on this video as part of the social enterprise side of their activities which help fund their work. (We love that in making this video we can also help to positively shape the world – it’s a win-win! Do go follow them on Facebook, Twitter etc.!) David told us a bit about his passion for film-making:

‘There’s really no better way to reach people en masse than video and film. You can express stories, ideas, beliefs, help educate people, and leave an impression that lasts for the rest of their life (just ask anyone who saw ‘Jaws’ when they were a kid!!) If a picture can express a thousand words, then twenty-five pictures a second carries a lot of weight. When making videos for Create Paisley I’m essentially telling the stories of young people. They’re artists and musicians and storytellers in their own right, and we get to encourage them and watch their passions grow.’

And if this snapshot inspires you then please get in contact or explore our website to find out about studying, giving, praying, or visiting! We’d love you to become part of the journey!