We’re not long into the new academic year but we’re already thinking about the coming calendar year. You can join us beginning in January for an individual module or start a longer programme of study.* We have 3 introductory classes and 2 upper level classes ideal for professional development.

Introductory Modules:

Creative Mission in a Changing World – this module introduces the theological and biblical foundations of mission before considering what it means for the local church to engage with the surrounding community. Available on-campus or online.

Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care – designed specifically for those who are interested in exploring chaplaincy across a range of contexts. Starting with an introduction to chaplaincy practices, this module then considers specifics of Chaplaincy across a range of contexts such as hospital, prison, and school chaplaincy.

Baptist Perspectives on Being a Church – while this module outlines a baptistic approach to the local church in structure, sacraments, and leadership, the classes are designed to engage across a range of denominations comparing the similarities and differences across a range of traditions.

Upper Level Modules:

Paul and the Gospel of Jesus – this module engages primarily with the writings of Paul to explore the unified message of the New Testament. Generally requires a foundation in biblical studies as a prerequisite for study.

Creative Homiletics – communication is changing at pace and this module considers these changes in the context of communicating the gospel. The classes explore a variety of different approaches to the event of preaching. Generally requires a foundation class in preaching or experience of preaching.

To apply to either an individual module or part-time / full-time degree studies please complete the online application form or for more information / a conversation about study get in contact with Graham on graham.meiklejohn@uws.ac.uk

*While you can join the programme in January 2023 for any mode of study, SAAS funding may be restricted as SAAS tend to calculate funding across a whole academic year.