We are pleased to announce the appointment of Graham
Meiklejohn as Lecturer in Theology and Communications Coordinator at the
Scottish Baptist College! Here is what Graham says about himself:

“I studied my undergraduate degree at the University of
Glasgow in Law and Philosophy following this up with a MSc in Marketing at
Strathclyde University. After a three-year break I returned to study at
Nazarene Theological College gaining a Masters of Theology degree from the
University of Manchester. I am currently studying for my PhD in Theology at the
University of Manchester in postmodernism, the contemporary church, and how we
can use Trinitarian theology to engage the church with culture.

I have worked in a variety of contexts, including as an
Indian restaurant as a waiter and as a part-time receptionist on a number of
occasions in Adelaides (Adelaide Place Baptist Church). After graduating from
the University of Strathclyde, I moved to Manchester, England, to take up a
post of Office Manager for the Greater Manchester Hope 2008 project at The
Message Trust – one of the UK’s largest Christian youth charities. More
recently at the Message Trust I worked as a Project Manager on the Audacious
Conference ’09, which saw 1000 young people undertake social action projects
across the whole of Greater Manchester. Deciding to return to study I started a
full-time MA in Theology at Nazarene Theological College in Didsbury,
Manchester. My other experience include a time as an associate pastor at
Didsbury Community Church – a new non-traditional church plant – and the position
of PR, Marketing, and Recruitment Strategist for Nazarene Theological College,
which I have been in post for the last three years.
I grew up in Clarkston, Glasgow and lived there for 24
years, so I am well rooted in the Scottish culture – this was proven true when
I couldn’t find an alternative word to ‘skelf’ after moving to Manchester!
Although I grew up in the Church of Scotland I am currently a member of the
Church of the Nazarene and I am a District Licensed Pastor. I have enjoyed preaching
across the UK at a variety of Nazarene churches and try to be as active as time
allows in my local church in Manchester. In my spare time I enjoy sports like
football, squash, badminton, and cycling. Trying to put my love for sport to
good use I cycled from London to Brussels in 2012 for Retrak (www.retrak.org) and have run two marathons in
2013 and 2014 to raise money again for Retrak Charity and JustLife (www.justlife.org.uk). In any other spare
time I enjoy the usual suspects of reading, watching films, and listening to
music, especially Indie folk music.

My passion is helping people to recognise the significance
of theology within their own lives and understanding what they believe and why.
I am passionate about the future of the church in the UK and how we can help it
release its potential through our leaders, members, and all we come into
contact with.”