You may (or may not!) have heard about the new GDPR laws coming into force this year. It is being implemented to make sure that companies who store data are using it in the correct way and only people you want have access to it. Although it is largely to stop companies from selling data without your consent or using it inappropriately, it affects all equally. One consequence of the GDPR for SBC is that we have to ensure our data is compliant – to do so we need to ensure we have a record of your consent for us to continue to hold the information. 

I consent to my personal information given above being stored securely and processed by the Scottish Baptist College (SBC) for the purposes of on-going communication regarding the activities of the College.

I understand that this data will not be passed on to any other third party except for the purposes of facilitating contact by the Scottish Baptist College. e.g. personal data stored by MailChimp to enable email communication.

I recognise that I can contact the Scottish Baptist College at any point to update or ask to be removed from their records.

I agree


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