Interning / Church workers

Helping to shape the church

It’s becoming increasingly common for churches to have an internship programme / employ an intern or church worker as a way of giving experience and opportunity to younger leaders. Over the past few years, SBC has had a number of individuals and churches approach us to support them in this model.

For interns / church workers

Are you a church worker / intern and feel like you would benefit from additional training? SBC offers courses on a wide variety of areas that can help you in your work. Ranging from classes in biblical interpretation to help you prepare for small group studies, to an intro to theology or ethics helping with the “big” questions of life, to more practical skills such as preaching and pastoral care. You can take one of these classes or several to help hone your abilities.

Classes available (2018-19):

  • Encountering the Bible (an introduction to biblical interpretation)
  • Faith Seeking Understanding (a rigorous introduction to theological ideas like “why is there suffering?”)
  • Preaching (an introduction to models of preaching and the opportunity to practise the skill)
  • Ethics (ways to approach contemporary issues from a Christian perspective)
  • Pastoral Care (models and practices associated with ministerial work)
  • Listening to Scripture (a further course on biblical interpretation)

When taken for credit, you can accumulate enough class credit to graduate with a recognised qualification – 6 classes would give you a Certificate in Theology accredited by University of the West of Scotland.

For Churches

Do you have an intern or church worker and would be willing to support them through some additional studies?Many workplaces encourage their employees to undergo CPD / CMD (Continuing Professional Development / Continuing Ministerial Development) in order to help people reach their fullest potential. As researchers ourselves, we see the value in continuing to develop thinking and learning throughout – it helps to keep us dynamic in our thinking and up to date with the field.

Or are you a church and would like to explore what having an intern might look like for you? Several churches have approached us over the years asking if there are students who would be able to intern with them and it is often a mutually beneficial experience. For the student they get further experience and for the church it can help increase capacity. Although we are not always able to guarantee a match between student and church, we’d encourage you to enquire and start the conversation.



A first-time single module costs £500 and for subsequent modules £900. This is for a 12 week course and can be used as credit towards a recognised qualification.

Auditing a class can be an ideal way to learn and grow if you are not looking for a qualification from it. You don’t have to complete the assessments but you get all the same learning opportunities. This year we’ve cut the price significantly to just £250!

For more information or to ask a question then please contact or to enquire about applying to study fill out the online form.