Graduate Diploma in Pastoral Studies with Work Based Learning

Introduction to the Programme

The Graduate Diploma in Pastoral Studies with Work Based learning is designed for theology graduates who desire to supplement previous learning with personal, spiritual and vocational development for Baptist ministry.

The course is strong on reflective practice and encouraging theological thoughtfulness.

The course offers a diversity of disciplines including ethics, pastoral care, contextual theology, spirituality, critique of contemporary culture, and the changing expressions of worship and preaching.

student writing diploma
graduate diploma

The pastoral focus and range of Work Based Learning (WBL) opportunities enable students to apply such learning in pastoral contexts. This is normally in the life of a local church or caring agency. A major strength of this course is that at least two modules in the programme involve WBL. These enable participants to explore personal areas of interest by engagement in a work environment. The WBL modules involve practical activity explored theologically through regular Journal writing using the Online Learning Environment and the preparation of a context based project. The aim is to offer participants supported learning, mentor supervision, and opportunities to experience and practice key competences in pastoral care and leadership.

“While participants will learn how, they will also learn how to do it better.”

In addition to Work Based Learning, students select three or four modules from the list below as available each year:

Furthermore a Directed Learning option makes it possible for students to choose a theme of particular interest or specific to their own development in faith and practice.

The course can be taken full time (1 year) or part time (2-3 years).

All modules are Level 9 (3rd year undergraduate Level).

Admission Requirements

The programme is normally only open to degree graduates in theology. Applicants may also be considered with other academic, vocational or professional qualifications deemed to be equivalent. Acceptance to this programme is conditional on a satisfactory admissions interview with the Programme Leader, and a reference indicating personal suitability.