Fees and Finance

Costs and sources of funding

Fee Structure 2018/2019

What does it cost to study at SBC?

Please see below the rates for 2017/18:

  • BD/ BD(Hons) – £5450/year
  • First Module rate for Modular study – £500
  • Regular Modular Study – £900/module (Except for the Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care module which has a different fee structure)
  • Audit rate (non accredited study) – £250
  • Re-Attend Rate – Full cost of a Module plus £100 administration fee.


Registration fees are charged by the University of the West of Scotland, and currently apply only to students enrolled in the BD and Graduate Diploma programmes.

Full Time
1st Year £300
2nd/3rd Year £150
4th Year Inc Graduation £200
Part Time
1st Year £250
2nd/3rd Year £150
4th Year Inc Graduation £100

Diplomas – £100 flat rate
Modular – N/A 

Payment of Tuition fees

Payment of tuition fees can be made in the following ways:

  • “One off” payment at the start of the academic year;
  • Two separate payments, at the start of each semester;
  • Monthly instalments, by direct transfer into the College bank account;
  • Where the monthly fee instalment option is taken, 25% of the total fees for the year must be received by the end of the first month of the first trimester, with the remaining 7 monthly instalments adjusted accordingly.

Most students use a combination of private finance (family or employment) alongside SAAS funding (see below). If you belong to a church they may also be willing to assist with funding. 

SAAS funding

The principal source of funding available to full time students is the Students Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS). All information and online application forms can be found on the SAAS website: www.saas.gov.uk  If a student is successful in obtaining SAAS funding, SAAS will pay directly to the College the sum of £1765 per annum, towards fees, for each year.

Student Loans

You may also wish to consider applying to the Student Loans Company for a student loan. The SAAS website, mentioned above, is the starting point for all such applications.

Baptist Union of Scotland

Students who are ministerial candidates, approved by the Board of Ministry of the Baptist Union of Scotland, will receive a contribution towards their fees from the BUS.