Rev Dr Alasdair Black


Born in Glasgow, Alasdair Black has been the senior pastor of Stirling Baptist Church for almost twenty years. Before taking up his pastorate in Stirling he served as the pastor of Cuffley Free Church in Hertfordshire and worked in Los Angeles and Amsterdam in urban mission.

Alasdair’s interests include biblical archaeology, New Testament background and Scottish Church history.  He also has a keen interest in the socio-political affairs of the Near East. His doctorate is in Christian Ethics and Practical Theology with particular reference to Soren Kirkegaard’s  ‘Attack Upon Christendom’ (University of Edinburgh) and has done postgraduate studies in Applied Theology (University of Oxford).

He is married to Susan and they have two children (Joy and Craig).

He has just written a book on the birth of Jesus, ‘History, Myth and the Birth of Jesus’, that is due for publication.