College news

We hope you find the college news interesting and helpful, whether you are an alumnus, a current/prospective student or simply an interested partner.

Professor Sandy Stoddart on Religious aspects of the work of Van Gogh – audio

On Tuesday 17th April, we had a very interesting and informative afternoon seminar with Professor Alexander Stoddart, the well-known Scottish sculptor and artist. You can listen again here

Coming to a College near you…

This term we have a great set of seminars, events, and lectures open to all who might be interested. We'd love to see you at one or all of them and also for you to spread the word to your friends and church communities.

SBC Open Day 2018!

After the success of last year's SBC Open Day, we're following it up again in 2018

Creative Homiletics – modular study

At SBC we try to highlight ways of study and classes that might be of interest to a wider audience and coming up next term is the Creative Homiletics course.

College Life update

Twice a year we produce our brief College Life Update as a supplement to the monthly E-news. If you haven't yet picked up a copy of the College Life update then you can download it

Parush Parushev SBC Seminar – On Demand!

We had the privilege of hosting Dr "Doc" Parush Parushev at the Scottish Baptist College for a 'fireside' chat. SBC's Lina Toth interviewed him on all things church, leadership, and everything in between! We managed to catch an audio recording of the conversation...

SBC Seminar On Demand! (Sept 27th – Alan Donaldson)

On Sept 27th, we had Alan Donaldson lead our afternoon public seminar on Complexity Theory and Church Decline. Catch up with the audio of his presentation here.

SBC’s Autumn Open Seminars

Each term SBC holds a number of public seminars designed to create a space for discussion and dialogue over matters that we think might be interesting or useful to our students and beyond.