10th September 2019

Course Level

This module will introduce you to the biblical and theological foundations, history, and practice of Christian worship.

Consideration will be given to Old Testament and New Testament worship practices, and then to a number of the predominant ways in which the Christian community has carried out its worship and why. This will include recognition of the influence not least on current British evangelical practice of the liturgical movement, charismatic movement, technology, and the post-modern.

Learning then moves on to explore the dynamics of a worship service in relation to such features as:

  • architecture and symbol
  • location and practicalities
  • revelation and response
  • gathering and sending
  • Word and Sacrament
  • the various ‘acts’ that comprise an ‘act’ of worship
  • the nature of participation
  • and the possibilities and limitations of singing

Attention is also given to specific acts of worship such as communion, baptism, marriage, infant dedication and funeral services.

In taking this course, participants will visit and review in relation to history, theology, movement, rhythm, symbol, and various acts, a worship service from a Christian tradition other than their own.