29th January 2019

Course Level

level 8

This is a placement based module giving students the opportunity to integrate and reflect upon faith and practice in a Work Based Learning context.

This module normally spreads over the twelve teaching weeks of one semester.

Included at the outset will pre-WBL Seminars in which you will be introduced to theological reflection through Journal writing.

The WBL environment will normally be a local church or other appropriate vocational context and the Placement will be supervised by an approved College Supervisor.

Through engaging in a number of practical and vocational tasks, either accompanying the Supervisor or working under their guidance, you will be introduced to some of the routine and core tasks related to their vocational ‘ministry’ aspirations.

However WBL 1 is about more than learning how to do; it aims to provide you with basic skills in reflective practice, self and other awareness in a ministry context, and a capacity to be self-critical and begin to understand the importance of self management.

A Learning Agreement will be negotiated incorporating the overall aims of the Placement, and its terms fulfilled within the WBL experience, including a written project, a Journal, a formative Supervisor’s Report and an end of WBL interview.

With respect to the Journal and in order to meet engagement requirements you will be expected to submit weekly journal entries via the UWS VLE and will receive formative feedback on these entries allowing them to be changed and developed prior to the final submission of a hard copy for summative assessment.