28th January 2019

Course Level

level 10

Work Based Learning is a crucial element in formative and academic training. This level 10 Module allows you to reflect on your learning and training so far, enabling you to identify key areas for further development. It is a block Placement normally five weeks in duration, and is undertaken within the overall guidelines and policies of the SBC relating to WBL.

The Learning Agreement is negotiated between student, Module Co-ordinator and the College approved WBL Supervisor. Through discussion you will be encouraged to identify your own learning and training requirements, looking to previous learning and WBL experience. Aims and objectives of the WBL experience are then formulated, and assessment content agreed and approved at the outset of the Placement.

Students on WBL have the opportunity to apply previous learning in a vocational context, to reflect theologically on their own and others’ experience, to accompany and interact with a practicing professional in a local faith community environment, and through the WBL experience, begin to understand the practice, dynamics and key issues of ministry and leadership in a local church.

Through the submission of weekly theologically reflective Journal entries students will receive regular formative feedback encouraging them to develop their learning through reflection and allowing entries to be developed prior to submission for summative assessment. Students will also be expected to read an appropriate but yet ‘angular’ text in relation to what they are doing with the default books being either Bonhoeffer’s ‘Discipleship’ or Caputo’s ‘What Would Jesus Deconstruct?’