12th September 2018

Course Level

level 9

This Module explores Christian Spirituality from a number of perspectives. It does so by enabling the student to engage with the theological and practical dimensions of the Christian Spiritual tradition.

The nature of Spirituality is explored by examining biblical principles, surveying historical movements and identifying modern influences.

The dynamics and disciplines of the spiritual life, as expressed in the Christian tradition are then explored with worksheets, lectures, seminars and group work, so that you learn at both a theoretical and practical level.

Spiritual disciplines and their contribution to personal growth are studied, and these include:

  • meditation
  • spiritual direction
  • self-examination
  • worship
  • prayer
  • intercession
  • solitude
  • listening to God
  • the dark night of faith
  • discipline
  • suffering and service

The relation between spirituality and justice and social ethics will also be explored.