Course Level

level 9

This module is aimed at students wishing to improve their public speaking or preaching skills in keeping with their vocational aspirations. You will work with a mentor in a local church or other setting. Throughout the semester student and mentor meet a minimum of eight times. It is presupposed that you will have generous access to the mentor by email and telephone outside of set meetings. Four occasions will be to discuss and plan the preparation of the sermon and four occasions will be to evaluate the four written and preached sermons required for the module. After each sermon is preached and evaluated, key strengths and key weaknesses will be identified and will become areas for learning incorporated into the next attempt.

During the meetings with the mentor, the student will be helped to look critically at their work. Relevant criteria will include appropriate content, exegetical foundations, hermeneutical competence related to congregational context, cultural relevance, effective communication including use of language and voice, presentation skills and deficiencies, and in the last two sermons, feedback forms from the congregation. Each sermon will be taped and available for the Module Co-ordinator along with the written text.

A worksheet identifying resources used, areas researched and time spent on the preparation of each sermon, will accompany the written version. You will agree beforehand the texts or subjects, and the types of sermon to be attempted. At the end of the module you will also be asked to provide a 600 reflective statement on your learning during this process.