12th September 2018

Course Level

level 8

This module provides an introduction to Christian Doctrine as ‘faith seeking understanding’.

The module is built around a course text book and is intended to give you a firm grounding in the major themes and structure of Christian theology.

Major themes covered include the doctrine of:

  • Triune God
  • Creation
  • Scripture
  • Humanity
  • Person of Christ
  • Atonement
  • Holy Spirit
  • Church
  • Christian eschatology

There will also be a brief introduction to the relationship between Christian faith in Christ and relationships to other world religious traditions.

Wider reading and exploration through class discussion will enable you to build your own theological framework by interacting, both appreciatively and critically, with the insights and experiences of others. Theological discussion takes place where views will differ, and an important aspect of this module is to train students to be open to revision in their own views, and not closed to the views of others.