31st January 2019

Course Level

level 9

Preaching is not a fixed form but a dynamic and developing art.

This module will help you explore a number of contemporary approaches to homiletics (the theory of preaching) variously influenced by cultural, theological, and communicative concerns in order to ‘negotiate a hearing’ with listeners.

The various approaches considered include:

  • narrative preaching
  • collaborative preaching
  • trouble and grace preaching
  • moves and structures
  • preaching as performance
  • preaching as a ‘Word Against the Powers’
  • preaching as and to women
  • out-church preaching

In exploring these approaches the integrated relationship of exegesis, hermeneutics, and homiletics will be highlighted as will the difference between inductive and deductive preaching.

You will be given the opportunity to experience examples of some of these approaches, to take part in practical workshops, to critique a particular approach, and to present a sermon for peer and tutor formative feedback in another style, prior to its submission with commentary for summative assessment.

Students undertaking this module will have an opportunity to participate in some innovative performance exercises and take part in some street reading and interpretation of Scripture.