28th January 2020

Course Level

level 7

This module introduces the key ‘turning points’ in the history and development of the Christian Church. It is based on the set course textbook which forms a major part of class discussion. Three particular ‘turning points’ make up the course.

The Road to Nicaea and Chalcedon: the narrative and social development of the early Christian movement and development of ideas about God, Jesus and Salvation. Included will be a survey of significant personalities and events, and the Christological legacy of the great ecumenical councils of Nicaea and Chalcedon.

The Road to Wittenburg and the European Reformations: includes an examination of medieval Christianity, ‘pre-reformation’ reform and Catholic Reform. The dominance of ideas and personalities, the significance of geography, and the impact of the European Reformations on subsequent history of the Church provides an entry into examination of several other major traditions.

The Road to Revival: the Evangelical Revival in the 18th century, including why the Evangelical Revival happened at all, study of the thought of selected founding fathers of Evangelicalism against the background of historical context and the legacy in later diversity of global Evangelicalism.

Through such study students will be introduced to issues of historical and critical study and the importance of history as a source of intellectual perspective